Student Inclusion Program

Fulton Theatre strives to provide an inclusive experience for students of all abilities.  We provide resources within our means to students who have medical and learning concerns and disabilities.   Register students and their families are encouraged to share information about their child when they complete the Student Information Form before the session begins.  Returning students should submit a new form at the start of each semester so that we have the most current information on file.

Families may request on the form for a Pre-Session Meeting.  The Teaching Artist will meet with the student to understand their interests, skills and needs.  In the meeting, the student develops comfort, trust and familiarity with the Teaching Artist and the classroom structure and routines.  The Teaching Artist will share essential questions and vocabulary students will explore during the semester.  With advance introduction to terms and concepts, the student will be an expert on the first day, and will experience a high level of success throughout the semester!