High School Theatre Festival

Fulton Theatre recognizes outstanding achievement of regional high school students in their musical and play productions.  The High School Theatre Festival will be held on Friday, May 13, 2016 in conjunction with the School Day Matinee of Ghost.  

Festival Registration and Participant Fee guarantee the following:

  • Following the morning School Day Matinee and subsequent lunch period, Festival students will return to the Fulton to participate in specialized afternoon workshops, discussion and community sharing with some of the show’s actors and members of the artistic and production team!  Afternoon will conclude at 3:30PM.
  • Two Fulton Professional Artists will attend one production at the participating school/organization and provide constructive feedback to the participating body of students.  Download the adjudication rubric.
  • The production at the participating school/organization will be considered as a candidate to be recognized for the “Beth Bash Award,” which celebrates outstanding achievement in theatre performance.  Each season, one school/organization is presented the Beth Bash Award.  The award recipient will have the opportunity to house the engraved award plaque for one year at their school/organization.  The engraved plaque recognizes the current recipient as well as the names of previous recipients.  A past winner is Jonathan Groff, Tony-nominated star of Broadway’s Spring Awakening, who both directed and performed at the Festival for several of his formative years, and went on to act in Fulton productions before embarking on his New York career.

 Program Policies and Award Criteria

  • Productions must occur between September 15 and May 30 in Lancaster or a surrounding county.
  • The Beth Bash Award focuses solely on the performances of the youth, honoring their acting, which may include singing, dancing, stage combat, etc.  The Beth Bash Award recognizes the work of the only the school/organization’s students.
  • Evaluators will be trained yearly in the scoring method established by Fulton Theatre. Two evaluators will be sent to each school’s performance.
  • Each school must provide a total of four complimentary tickets for the two evaluators and their guests. Additionally, all schools must provide accurate driving instructions to the building where the production will be held.  Cast and crew should not be made aware when the evaluators will be in the audience. Do not cordon off an area for the evaluators or make the seating recognizable in any way. Discretion ensures objectivity.
  • Should a school double-cast their production, please note that two separate application packets would have to be completed. A set of evaluators will be sent to see each cast perform.
  • Evaluators with a vested interest, either personally or professionally, with an individual school will not be assigned to evaluate that school’s performance during the nomination process.
  • Participant Festival Fee is $100, in addition to the cost of the School Day Matinee ticket fees.  Applications must be submitted online.  The Festival Fee must be paid two weeks prior to the Fulton’s School Visit or the School’s Fulton Visit, whichever occurs first.  School Day Matinee tickets must be arranged separately.  Note that groups attending the School Day Matinee do not have to serve as cast or crew in the adjudicated school production to participate in the Afternoon Workshops.  Sessions will be devised to serve a range of student interest from critic and dramaturg to performer and technician/designer.  Afternoon festival students must pay a $2 participant fee.  This fee will be due one week prior to attending the School Day Matinee, and invoiced when final payment is received and student attendees are finalized for the School Day Matinee.   Reserve School Day Matinee Tickets

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