Shadow Opportunities

Young people seeking a Shadow Opportunity should complete an application.  A shadow opportunity is a career exploration experience where teens are provided access to Fulton Theatre staff and artists for a period of observation only.  Parents must sign the application.  Due to our production schedule, we may not be able to accommodate requests.  Our resources are limited.  Fulton’s shadow experience is competitive.  Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis.


PTP Shadow Experience Application

Do not contact the Fulton Theatre regarding the status of your application.

  • Program Focus and Personal Statement

  • Identify up to 3 appropriate focus areas for which you wish to be considered. Costumes/Wigs; Electrics/Sound; Stage Management; Company Management; Education/Outreach; House Management/Box Office; Development; Props; Scenic Construction/Painting; Marketing/Communications
  • A clearly articulated and focused personal statement goes a long way in helping us to place you in our program! Note that Fulton Theatre receives numerous Shadow applications each season. As our resources are limited, Fulton’s program is competitive. Applicants who seek a career exploration experience should address your interest in a career in the theatre arts. Consider the following questions: What is your eventual career goal? Why are you seeking a shadow experience at this time? And why specifically at Fulton Theatre? What do you expect to gain from your shadow experience?
  • On your application, list the due date of the experience (completion date), the number of hours you must complete, and detail your availability to complete the hours.
  • Education and References

  • How do you know this reference?
  • If you are currently in school, name your school and your current grade level.
  • Parent/Legal Guardian Permission

    Volunteers and Shadow Experience Applicants must be 16 years old. If under the age of 18, parents must sign the application.
  • We are pleased that you have chosen to take part of our Volunteer-Shadow program. Sometimes our students and/or their parents decide on their own to pursue private instruction with one or more members of the Fulton Opera House staff outside of the Fulton Opera House’s formal instruction program. In signing this Acknowledgement, you understand and agree that your decision to pursue private instruction independent of Fulton Opera House’s instruction program is a voluntary decision that is not under the endorsement, supervision or management of the Fulton Opera House. Fulton Opera House disclaims any responsibility for a student’s decision to undertake private instruction. As a participant you agree to hold Fulton Opera House and its foundations and affiliates, as well as each of the foregoing’s management, officers, directors and insurers, harmless from any and all liability rising from your decision to participate in private instruction with a member of Fulton Opera House’s staff outside of the Fulton instruction program.