Academy Program Information

Will I hear from the Fulton before the first day?

A staff person rarely contacts a student before the first day. Students and families should visit the appropriate policies page, in the red box to the right of this screen, for answers to questions about where to go, what to expect and what to bring to class! All students under the age 18 should complete the Student Information Form before the first session. Parent/guardian(s) should stay for the first 15-minutes of class where the teaching artist will share further information about the class and our expectations.

Are there payment options?
A full payment must be made at the time of registration for all classes and camps.  Fulton does offer several discount and packages for siblings, multiple class enrollments and subscribers.  We also offer partial and full scholarships to families who demonstrate a strong financial need.   Click here to learn more about our discounts, packages and the scholarship program. 

If I applied for a scholarship, will I hear from you?
Upon submitting your application, you will receive an email confirmation. Understand that we receive many applications each semester, and can only notify candidates selected to receive funds. We encourage applicants to re-apply!  Apply for a scholarship.

How will I know if my child will enjoy the class?
We encourage first-timers to check out Fulton’s First Friday Education sessions or a Family Series Pre- Show workshop. On occasion we may schedule a meeting between student and teaching artist to support the success of the child in class. Any of these experiences will give us an opportunity to learn about your child, and for your child to become acquainted with the ritual of a theatre program and class.

If my child is advanced, can she enroll in an advanced level class?
We request that you respect the age breakdowns identified in our course listings. Our professional staff work to individualize course content that meets and supports the uniquely personal intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs of each child. It is important that we create a safe and challenging environment for all of our students.

If my child has a special need, will the Fulton Academy be able to serve him/her?
Fulton Theatre strives to provide an inclusive experience for students of all abilities.  We provide resources within our means to students who have medical and learning concerns and disabilities.  Learn more about our Inclusion Program, click here.

What is the structure of a class?
Our professional teaching artists include check-ins, warm-ups, focus activities and closing activities in every session. Students “warm up” their body, voice, imagination/ mind and cooperation/ensemble before they begin the main activity of the day. Warm ups chosen support the day’s main activity. Additionally, participants engage in a reflective and collaborative process. Participants may journal or discuss a challenge with a peer. Our staff is trained in Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Gardner’s Theory provides us nine intelligences that everyone possesses to a greater or lesser extent. Those you may be familiar with include linguistic/ verbal, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, spatial, logical- mathematical, and bodily- kinesthetic. These intelligences help us to understand how each student best receives and understands information. We attempt to employ all of Gardner’s Intelligences. By doing so, we hope to provide our students with a range of experiences and opportunities to note individual strengths in self and peers, as well as opportunities to develop weaker skills.

Will there be a performance?
In our nine-week classes and short camps or workshops, the last 30-minutes of each session are designated for sharing. This is not a performance but rather an opportunity for two family/ friend members of each student to observe a bit of what the student has experienced during the course.