Great reviews for Gypsy!

“With songs everyone knows and loves, a call-out line that few can resist employing in other circumstances (“Sing out, Louise!”), and boundless good humor, as well as a dazzling score by Jule Styne, it’s little wonder that GYPSY is sometimes credited as the single greatest of 20thcentury musicals. As directed by Marc Robin and performed at Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, it appears to remain absolutely secure in that title.”

“[Denise] Whelan brings Rose to a full boil…
Worth the price of admission are the portrayals of three burlesque performers…
Gypsy is…entertaining with witty dialogue, great songs and a satisfying emotional payoff.”
—Sunday News

“The Fulton production, directed by Marc Robin, boasts a terrific cast… Denise Whelan does a terrific job bringing to life the world’s most infamous stage mother… Kim Carson gives a lovely performance as Louise… [Herbie] is beautifully played by Greg Wood… His understated but still powerful acting packs a punch. This is a strong, solid Gypsy, thanks to an excellent cast, and it certainly entertains you and makes you smile.”
—Intelligencer Journal/New Era